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Subject: who was your first crush on?
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amymagic 1.11.13 - 09:45am
My first crush was on a girl in school x not mentioning names lol *

froddan 2.11.13 - 01:30pm
same, a girl in school *

snookit 3.11.13 - 09:36am
a girl in my class too named rebecca *

pointyf 4.11.13 - 02:54am
a girl called amy *

ondafire 10.11.13 - 04:43pm
As usual a girl in school. Rachel her name. Blonde blue eyed and gorgeous. My first celebrity crush was Kylie Minogue. what started it was that can't get you out of my head song .. Surely couldn't get her out of my head! I was 15 I think .. then went on to have her calender three maybe four years in a row lol *

unclejim 14.11.13 - 09:44am
My first crush was girl next door, I was about 14 and she was in her 20's lol *

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